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We are a friendly group of people forming a concert wind band with 27 members. If you are a confident sight-reader and of a reasonable playing standard we'd love to hear from you.

Meet the BandWe welcome new members who play appropriate brass and woodwind, and occasionally percussion, instruments and at present we are particularly looking for new/additional players of the instruments below, however other wind band instrumentalists should not be deterred from enquiring as we may well be able to accommodate them! See right for profiles of a few of our existing members

  • Bassoon
  • Horn (French or Tenor*)
  • Trumpet or Cornet*
  • Trombone (Tenor or Bass)
  • * Loan instruments available, if required
We have several engagements during the year which include Bandstands in municipal parks, Village Fetes, an Annual Extravaganza Concert (this year a Concert) and also some one-off and other seasonal events. Once a year we have a Band Social and then during the main holiday seasons we take a break!


1. How can I join the town concert band?

To ask about joining contact: Art Robb(Musical Director)
( phone 01666 822945/07984 892570)

2. What are the requirements to become a member of the town concert band?

To be a confident sight-reader and of a reasonable playing standard. The best option is to come along to a rehearsal to try us out.

3. When and where does the town concert band typically perform?

We perform in Malmesbury centre, Malmesbury Abbey and various locations for Town events. We also perform in local Parks and local fetes in the Wiltshire area. Around Christmas we play Carols in various locations and at other times there are also one-off requests. You can get an idea of geographical spread of events here.

4. Are there any auditions or tryouts to be a part of the band?

There are no auditions and you are very welcome to try us out for a few weeks. Contact Art Robb(Musical Director)
( phone 01666 822945/07984 892570)

5. How often does the band rehearse, and where are the rehearsals held?

Rehearsals take place on Fridays from 7:30-9pm at Unit 6, Park Road Industrial Estate, Malmesbury SN16 0BX (see map below). We do not meeting during Christmas Holidays, Bank Holidays and School Summer Holidays.

Address: Unit 6, Park Road Industrial Estate, Malmesbury SN16 0BX.
What Three Words location: ///northward.pockets.charging

After entering the small industrial estate turn left into the parking area and we are above the building at the end to the right. Look for the new blank strong looking wooden door and we are up the STEEP stairs.Click here for directions.

Click here to see Google StreetView of this location

6. Is there an age limit or specific age range to join the town concert band?

There is no age limit we have in the past had people playing between 9 and 90.

7. Are there any membership fees or costs associated with being a member of the band?

Membership fees are £50 per year which helps to cover our expenses.

8. Can I perform with the band if I don't live in the town?

Absolutely! Many Band members do not live in Malmesbury.

9. Does the band provide instruments or do I need to bring my own?

We do have a French Horn and Cornet available to borrow if you are wishing to play one of those.

10. Is there a dress code for performances?

There is a dress code of Band Jumper and light trousers for our regular events. For our Annual Concert we dress smarter! You can see in some of our photos the types of uniform we wear.

11. Does the band perform at private events or special occasions?

We have been asked in the past to play at for example a Wedding, at Choral Events and one-off Town Events. For more information contact David Hide(Concert Manager)
( phone 01666 846348/07887 932253)

13. How can I stay updated on the band's upcoming performances and events?

All Band members have access to a secure area of this website where they can see all future events planned and they also receive regular communications from the Musical Director